Casinos Bitcoin new offer : 17,8mBTC no deposit bonus Coin178


Free 17.8mBTC
Absolutely Free! No deposit required!
Enjoy our high quality Live Dealer Casino, Sportsbook and Hot Slots!
Why players like us:
1. Our Live Dealer Casino is deal from License Land Casino; the 1st online casino in Asia allowed the home players bet together with land casino players!
2. The 1st and the only one Online Disco Casino in the world!
3. No Need to Download! Play Instantly!
4. High Rebate Commission!
5. We happy you win, and will pay you in 20 minutes!
6. Come to find out more by yourself, sure you will like us!
Terms and Conditions
1. The promotion starts on 4th December 2014 until 2nd January 2015.
2. This is Bonus Money – And only winnings from the bonus (not the bonus itself) can cash out. At the time of cash out, the bonus amount will be deduct from your balance.
3. In order to withdraw winnings on this bonus, we ask that you wager your bonus (actual betting amount) minimum 45 times. (Minimum Turnover = 17.8 x 45 = 801CNS)
4. The minimum cash out is 35.6 CNS, the maximum cash out is 356CNS
5. This 17.8mBTC allow to play in our highly recommend Casino and Sportsbook – or only!
6. To avoid abuser, you have to provide the bank account/wing account upon request bonus, all the winning money will pay to the account.
7. One member/ One computer/ One IP – allowed to claim this bonus only One time.
8. We reserve the right to close any accounts that may be registered by the same person.Bonus abuser account will terminate, all winning will void.
If you happy with us and want deposit more or if you have any problems, please contact our Coin178 24 hours friendly support!

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